Dental Implants have brought in a revolution in the field of Dentistry. Gone are the days when removable dentures were the only solution to missing teeth; no longer do you have to sleep with your teeth in a glass of water. Today, dentistry can boast of giving you fixed teeth, whether you have lost one tooth or all your teeth. Dental Implants feel and behave almost like natural teeth. They are simple to maintain, and their care is similar to your natural teeth as well.

Dental Implant clinic in delhi can be done for anyone who is over 18 and medically stable. Dental Implants are made of two parts, one which goes into the bone and forms the root of the tooth, and the second is the cap (Crown) which is attached to it.

Missing tooth or teeth can be replaced with either removable of fixed teeth, the fixed teeth again can be of two types dental Implant or dental Bridge.

As it is clear from the picture that for a dental bridge we need to cut down two healthy teeth to form the support pillars, whereas Implant does not touch any healthy tooth structure and conserves the precious tooth structure. Secondly, an implant, if placed with care and is well looked after by the patient, can last you a lifetime. So, in today’s scenario, dental Implant should be the treatment of choice when trying to replace missing teeth.

Before the Implant surgery, your Dentist will need the following:

Medical history: Please remember even the smallest detail and names of medication you are taking should be shared with the doctor. Holding back of medical history like BP, Diabetes or any other condition can be detrimental to your health and the success of the dental Implant.
X-rays or Scan: To assess the amount of bone available and for assessing the size of the implant to be placed an X-ray of the jaw called the OPG is needed. In certain conditions, a special CT scan of the jaw called CBCT may also be needed.
Blood test: In case the patient is suffering from certain medical conditions, you may be asked to get some blood tests done to minimize complications and assure long-term success of the procedure.

Dental Implant Surgery:

The dental implants procedure procedure per say is very comfortable and almost painless at the time the procedure is being done, and afterwards. A single Implant in normal scenario may take 30-40 min to be placed. The time can vary depending on the complexity and number of implants. Dental Implant placement can be done by free hand by the dentist or by CAD-CAM guided surgery depending on factors like amount of bone available, proximity to vital anatomical structures among others.

Today we can place a dental implant at the same time as extraction of the tooth or the root because of the advancement in dental implant techniques and designs. This is called immediate placement of dental implant. It cancels the need for two procedures, extraction of tooth first, followed by placement of implant after a few weeks. Instead, it is now a single sitting procedure, making it time effective and more comfortable for the patient.

Normally the Implant is placed and left to heal for 3-4 month and then the cap is attached to it, but in areas where looks are a concern we can attach the cap the same day. This procedure is called immediate loading of dental implants. Even full dentures can be replaced with fixed teeth on the same day, this technique is gaining popularity as “Teeth in a Day” and has excellent probability and success for individuals with no teeth at all.

Dental Implants done in two stages, as illustrated below:

Stage 1 (Dental Implant Placement)

1. Area where the dental Implant is to be placed is an anesthetized
2. A small incision or punch is done in the gums to uncover the bone
3. With the help of sequential drills a site is prepared to place the implant (Fig-A)
4. The gum is closed over the dental implant with a suture or a healing cap is placed
5. Suture/stitches are removed after 7-15 days.

Stage 2 (Attaching the Cap to the Implant)

1. The dental Implant is uncovered if it is below the gum level and a healing cap is placed for 3-7 days. (Fig-B)
2. Then the size is taken and sent to the lab for fabrication of the Cap/Crown
3. Fitting trial is done to check for perfect fitting and sent back to the lab for the final Job
4. The cap is now attached to the Dental Implant.( Fig-C)

Dental Implants are safe and long lasting. They are being used widely the world over for dental rehabilitation.

Important Information

1. Dental Implants are made of Titanium alloy.
2. Titanium is a non-magnetic metal hence does not interfere in MRI
3. There are no reported allergies to Titanium
4. Titanium is the only metal which attaches to the bone and becomes a part of your body

Advantages of Dental Implants

1. Comfort: Dental Implants look and feel like your own teeth and are extremely comfortable
2. Appearance: Looks and smile can be improved by replacing missing teeth with implants
3. Saves tooth structure: Precious tooth structure is saved as natural tooth is to be cut down to provide support like in bridges
4. Saves Bone: The Dental implant holds the bone which harbours it hence preventing its loss
5. Improves Self-esteem: A confident smile can do a lot for your self-worth and fixed teeth in addition to making you look younger also make you feel younger
6. Improves General Health : Fixed teeth help you chew better and hence leads to better absorption of food and nutrients required for maintaining good health
7. Durability: Dental Implants can last you a really long time and with good daily hygiene and regular dental checkups can last you a life time

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