Welcome to SouthEX Dental – the abode of cosmetic dentistry at its best. Based in New Delhi, India, we are one of the accredited dental clinics providing expert cosmetic dentistry services in South Delhi, India.

Our dental clinic is based on the concept of offering the expertise of dental surgery to provide you with top-of-the-line dental care. We have the best cosmetic dentists in Delhi who specialise in both regular & cutting-edge dental procedures for smile correction and smile designing.

Experience advanced procedures like dental implants, veneers, teeth whitening, gap closures, metal-less crowns/bridges, and more with experts today!

Years of mastery in the rare art of smile makeover is what always keeps us ahead of the competition. We will help you attain that perfect smile that blends naturally with your personality and leaves a magical aura around you. We have onboard a team of qualified aesthetic dentists, with a strong passion to create extraordinary and fabulous smiles. This knowledge and experience have made it possible to help thousands of people in transforming their lives forever.

100% Guaranteed Smile Perfection Using Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Practices

Hi-Tech Methods

SouthEx Dental is not considered as the top dental clinic in South Delhi for no reason. We offer advanced smile makeovers, complete dental implants, crowns, laser dentistry, invisible braces and the absolute best in dental technology. Benefit from our 3D CT scan machine, which ensures precision during diagnosis and dental treatment.

Expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry

We have the best cosmetic dentists in South Delhi, with years of advanced training in the world of aesthetic dentistry. This is to make sure our patients are always in safe hands.

Visible Results

Our clinic is based on one vision – leave no stone unturned for competition. Hence, we always strive for offering unparalleled dental services with genuine results that last years. If you feel the difference isn’t satisfactory, you can always come back to us for help!

Consistent Support

We don’t work for money, we work to bring back that perfect smile on the faces of our patients. So unlike the regular dentist’s practice where critical support relies on the dentist’s availability, SouthEx Dental is always there for you. We have multiple cosmetic dentists actively working with us to make sure you always have a backup should you need any assistance when the main dentist is not available.


Everything we use – from the machines to disinfectants are checked for quality and purpose. Some are even imported from abroad to make sure you get nothing but the best in the industry. We never use sub-standard imports, which unfairly bring down the treatment cost for the patient but compromises their health.


SouthEx Dental’s entire team adheres to strict and stringent sterilization protocols. We are a nationally-certified setup, so all protocols are monitored with the utmost care and attention.Whether you got a crooked tooth, gapped teeth, or you need whitened teeth – we can help! Schedule your appointment with the best dentist in Delhi to get one step closer to your dream smile today!