Digital Smile Design

Today, Dental Science is imbibing Digital technology at a rapid pace. With this advancement, treatment planning is not merely explained in words or on paper, and it does not have to depend entirely on the skill and knowledge of just one Dentist. The knowledge of the world leaders in dentistry is being compiled, analyzed and refined to achieve more predictable and easily reproducible treatment options. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is the world leader in Digital Dentistry. With Digital tools, you can visualize predictable results even before we touch your teeth. So the fear of the unknown disappears as there is no guesswork involved. All it requires is a few pictures of yours and in 6 minutes you will see the smile you have always dreamt of but held back because you didn’t know how it would look on your face. You can even personalize the smile by suggesting a few changes that we may incorporate if functionally possible. The final images are then duplicated by the lab to give us exactly what You had seen and approved. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us hence we are not sharing the pictures of our Smile simulation patients.

“Embrace the change you want by consenting to the after treatment pictures before starting the treatment.”