A smile is an integral part of facial beauty. The first thing a person observes is a beautiful smile and bright white teeth and healthy gums are imperative to have a charming smile. The branch of dentistry that deals with smile enhancement or smile correction or smile makeovers is called cosmetic dentistry. The other name for cosmetic dentistry is aesthetic dentistry and this Involves a gamut of procedures that helps in improving a person’s smile. Every individual needs a personalised assessment to know what is required or what procedure is required to improve one’s smile. Listed below are the seven most popular cosmetic dental procedures:

Teeth whitening: Teeth can be of different shades from white to yellow to brown. Chemical teeth whitening today is a common procedure that can be done at the Dentists office or home. The best dentist in Delhi will have the option of basic in-office teeth whitening, Zoom teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening. You can discuss with your dentist which is the best option for you.

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Fillings: These are tooth-colored fillings that are used to fill cavities created due to caries, spacing in the teeth, or minor defects in the tooth structure. They are easy to do and can match the natural tooth perfectly.

Cosmetic Fillings

Dental veneers: They are noninvasive or minimum invasive and can make dramatic changes to a person’s smile. Dental veneers are used to change the colour of teeth, close spaces between teeth, or minor alignment problems. Dr. Unnati Gupta is one of the best dentists in South Delhi for Smile corrections, digital smile designing, and smile makeovers. With dental veneers, we can help u visualize your new smile without making any permanent changes. See your future smile before you say yes to smile makeovers are remove the fear of the unknown.

Dental veneers

Zirconia Crowns: Carious teeth, broken teeth, or badly discolored teeth can look black and Unesthetics. Capping them or crowning them give them strength as well as make them look esthetic. Tooth crown/caps are made of metal, metal fused to zirconia or only Zirconia. Today Zirconia crowns are the choicest material for tooth caps because they can match the colour of the natural teeth, secondly, they are strong with higher tensile strength, and thirdly they are biocompatible with the gums/ gingiva. They do not stain the gingiva black which is seen with metal or metal fused to ceramic crowns.
Braces or Orthodontic treatment: many people that are both children and adults have protruding teeth, crooked teeth, spacing between teeth, or dis-balanced teeth. Braces are the first option where desirable results can be achieved by moving the teeth. Braces today are of different kinds, they can be removable, fixed, and also invisible. Again discussing your challenges and requirement with your dentist and working out the best Orthodontic options is the best way forward.

Zirconia Crowns

Dental implants: If you are hiding your smile because of one or more missing teeth then dental implants are the treatment of choice. Missing teeth if not replaced can cause movement of healthy teeth into the space and subsequently imbalanced bite and cavity formation due to food lodgement. Dental implants are the treatment of choice for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants

Gum treatments: Most common challenges with the gums are dark coloured gums or a gummy smile and they can both be treated successfully. De-pigmentation of Gums: having blackish gums can cause a person to be conscious and shy away from smiling even if they have beautiful white and well-arranged teeth.

Gum treatments

Gingival re-contouring: Some people have a gummy smile which can be improved with gingival recontouring. Both these treatments can be done with conventional methods or dental lasers. The good thing about dental lasers is they make the treatment easy, predictable, and comfortable. So talk to your dentist today and show off your healthy pink gums along with your beautiful sparkling teeth. A Balanced and beautiful smile is one where both teeth and gums are healthy and sparking.

Gingival re-contouring

Every patient needs a different treatment or combination of treatments to get their desired smile. Hence it is important to choose the right cosmetic dentist.

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