It’s is very important to know your dentist and have faith in him/ her before you commence your dental treatment. In today’s times when there are so many dentists in South Delhi, how does one decide who is the best dentist in South Delhi, whom to go to & whom to trust?

Here are a few questions which you can ask:

Q1. Are the instruments Sterilized by autoclaving?
A1. Infections can spread really fast from the dentist clinic if instruments are not sterilized by autoclaving. The best dentist in South Delhi will be following strict infection control protocols to keep their patients safe.

Q2. What are the various treatment options for the problem???
A2. Most dental problems can have more than one treatment option. Your dentist should explain them to you so u can take an informed decision, and don’t feel let down later. Example tooth replacement can be removable/fixed, dental bridge/implant.

Q3. What are the pros and cons of the proposed treatment??
A3. Every treatment option has pros and cons. It is important to know them so that we can choose a treatment that is best suited in our individual scenario. Dental implants In spite of being the best tooth-replacement option may not be suited for a person who has uncontrolled Diabetes.

Q4. How much will the treatment cost
A4. It is important that you know exactly how much the treatment will cost you and also the payment plan…. do you have to pay upfront, or in installments. For high-value treatments do they have an option for EMI or not.

Q5. Is there a conservative way of treating the problem??
A5. It never hurts to ask about the most conservative way to treat any problem. For example, if a tooth is badly decayed and the doctor has suggested to pull it out, do ask if there is anyway like RCT or crown by which the tooth can be saved.

Q6. What’s the life of the tooth after treatment is done
A6. So many time I get patients who say had they known the tooth would only last a few months they would have chosen to replace it then and there as now they have to spend twice as much

Q7. Will I be able to eat and drink normally after the procedure?
A7. As your mouth will have some

Work was done and maybe anesthetized for the procedure it may need time for it to settle down before you resort to eating, as it may need time to come to normal.