Digital Smile Designing: The Art and Science of Smile Improvement

Everyone wants an Attractive Smile and a Beautiful face, and both are inter-related. A refreshing smile is interplay of Face, Lips, Teeth and Gums, in perfect harmony with each other. Teeth (Size, shape, colour, position, visibility) and Gums (Colour, Visibility, health) are the most common factors that may be modified to achieve the desired result. Apart from improving the looks, this is also important to maintain/improve the Oral health and General well-being of the individual. If you are wondering whom to consult for all this, then look for a specialist in Smile Designing, practicing Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry.
We have put together this article for you to understand this aspect of Dentistry in depth and answer most of your queries.

What is Digital Smile Designing (DSD)?

This is the latest and most advanced digital planning tool used in cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry. Your dentist would take pictures of your face, smile and teeth, and make use of digital drawings in order to evaluate how the contours of your face work. This would help to evaluate the relationship between teeth, face, smile and gingiva (Gums). Digitization in cosmetic dentistry is of great help to the doctor as it offers a deep insight as well as a new perspective in drawing out a well-structured and personalized treatment plan as per your needs.

The best part of this technique is that it efficiently helps the doctor to measure and understand the discrepancies of teeth and gums, and compare to the Gold standard. For example, if You want your smile to be improved and the chief concern is the form and colour of front teeth, this DSD tool would help Us to come up with an accurate treatment plan with which a harmonic smile can be restored and the planning will be shared with You. Before the treatment is done, you can actually see what your smile shall look like after treatment. So You can give your input if there is anything in particular that you would like to change.

What role does a Cosmetic Dentist play in Digital Smile Designing?

A Treatment well planned is a treatment half done. Your cosmetic dentist is the only one who can do this for you and take away the apprehension and unpredictability of the outcome. In fact, DSD is considered to be the future of cosmetic dentistry. The job of a cosmetic dentist is not just to offer unmatched dental care but also to improve the aesthetics. The doctor that you choose should be trained in Digital Smile Designing as it is close to foolproof and can give you your dream smile and You can actually see it before consenting to treatment.

What are the advantages of DSD?

The primary benefit, and one of many, is that you would be able to visualize the result of the cosmetic procedure. The images of teeth, gum, and mouth taken by your dentist will be shown to you and you could work out the details in conjunction with your dentist. You can actually know how your smile would look on you, before you have gone through the procedure, with the help of images and digital planning.

So, how would my Cosmetic Dentist proceed with the treatment in DSD?

First consultation: High resolution photographs, X-rays and 3D imaging are used to create a simulation exercise. Your Personality traits and Expectations are recorded.
Second Consultation: Using the DSD tools, a very detailed analysis of the dental and facial contours is performed, keeping all the parameters in mind. A personalised patient-oriented Smile simulation is achieved and is shared with You. All Your concerns and inputs are noted. Modifications are possible if they are in the better interest of Your long-term dental and general health.

Why SouthEx Dental?

If You want to change your smile but are apprehensive of the change, we will show you how you will look after treatment even before starting your treatment. Looking for an optimum treatment option, then this is the place you need to be at. SouthEx Dental is an ISO certified Dental Clinic where we use only the best and most advanced treatment options for any ailment concerning your teeth and mouth. We leave no stone unturned to understand Your expectations and come up with only the best suited treatment options. We have an Experienced and Motivated team of Dental Specialists, who are trained and certified in DSD. We are supported by some of the best technicians working behind the scene. The materials and technology used are truly world class.
We are there to work with you so that you get the result that keeps you smiling and makes you happy inside out.

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