1. Now is the best time to get Dental Implants
  2. What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental Implants have brought in a paradigm shift in Dental Science. Earlier, treatment options for one or more missing teeth were limited to a Removable denture or a Bridge resting on adjacent teeth.

A Bridge, as the name suggests, needs strong supporting teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth. These supporting teeth are reduced in size, by trimming the natural tooth, to fit the artificial bridge over them and cover the gap of the missing natural tooth/teeth. This is

A Removable denture was usually disliked by patients, but one had to bear it as there was no alternative. Some people could not adapt to this denture and would stay without one or more teeth. Those who could use it, had other complications like loss of bone support, loosening of adjacent teeth, among others, over a period of time. So, teeth kept falling off and the denture became bigger as new teeth were added to it, or a new denture had to be made.

People who had to get all their teeth removed only had two options, either to wear a removable complete denture, or be without teeth, compromising their nutrition and general health.

With the advancing Success rates of Dental Implants, we have found a Researched and trustworthy treatment option for replacing missing natural teeth. Teeth restored with Dental Implants come closest to natural teeth today.

The advantages of dental implants are listed below:

  1. As compared to a Bridge supported by natural teeth:
  1. No need to cut away healthy natural teeth
  2. Easier to clean around it
  3. A life-long treatment*
  4. Can be used where natural teeth cannot provide support, like loose teeth or missing back teeth  
  5. No sensitivity to Hot or cold fluids


  1. As compared to Removable Dentures
  1. Teeth are Fixed
  2. Chewing is better
  3. Any type of food can be chewed
  4. No need to remove for sleeping and cleaning
  5. Option of all Fixed teeth for elderly people with no natural teeth
  1. What is the average cost per tooth for dental implants?

Dental Implants are available today from various Companies. Some of these have been making Implants for over 50 years with Research data on their Success rates. Various components are used in the Dental Clinic and the Implant laboratory to achieve the final result. Implant treatment involves a number of steps, including minor surgery. Usually two stages are important for You as a Patient. Stage one is where the Implant is placed in the place of the missing tooth. In Stage two, a Crown or a cap is placed on the implant so that it can function like a natural tooth.

The cost of Implant treatment is also divided into two parts. For Stage one, it may start from Rs.25,000/-  per tooth. This would include the Surgical Fee, cost of Implant and its various components.

There are various options in the type of Crowns that can be used with Implants. Accordingly, the charges for Stage Two may be Rs.6000/- onwards per Crown. This would include all Laboratory and components charges.

Your Implant Dentist would be able to guide you through all the options, both the type of Implants and the variety of Crowns available, and help You decide what suits best in your situation. You can, therefore, make the final decision.